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Your trusted partner in managing your business

Managing a small business can be a stressful affair. Neither can you afford all the classic help tools that most big business units work with nor can you let go on any aspect to ensure that there is overall growth in your business ventures. But then how does an entrepreneur who is running a small or medium size business survive? The stress and the administrative issues are endless but what could be the solution to it all? We have it right here for you. Billingbooster!

Billingbooster is an easy to use online and mobile, Cloud based software which will make the management of your business significantly easier. Allow all your data to be on one central platform with which you and your team can collaborate and share information with ease. What is more? You can access real time data, monitor performance and keep a track of your customers and employees all at one go. Manage your business in several countries and deal with many currencies? No problem at all. Billingbooster has that aspect taken care of as well. Business decisions cannot go wrong when Billingbooster is your partner in managing it.

Why Choose Billingbooster

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Professional and prompt invoicing

All you need to do is create a profile and enter some basic details. Voila! Now create professional invoices with a coloured logo and tag line of your business to be sent to your customers. You can create quotes as well as order invoices giving the exact details of every product and the applicable taxes. All with just choosing the right dropdown options from a pre- fed menu.

The simplest way to accounting

Manage accounting all within the software where manual intervention is little to none. Create your profit & loss account, trial balance and balance sheet at a touch of a button. See all the ledger information on one page or check the latest balance of profit or loss that your business is incurring. Whether high level or down to the last penny, Billingbooster is the most efficient way to do this.

Sales oriented system

The system is built in such a manner that it is not just professional invoicing and quotes that you can give to your customers, but also have a stronghold on who you deal with as customers. Billingbooster helps you create a personalized relationship with your customers by giving you options of emailing quotes, invoices and maintaining a client database with the key resources numbers stored for a quick and easy access. You can make your own notes which will help you remember what every customer prefers.

Purchases made easy

The system is designed in such a manner that your purchases are swift and hassle free. You get to keep a track of the vendors that you deal with, get the top 5 vendors listed on the home screen, and create purchase notes and invoices, all at the touch of a button. Also, you get to create return slips and have the software take care of updating the inventory based on the buying and selling of the products.

Cash flow management

Any person with even a little knowledge of business finance will tell you that cash flow management is the most important thing to keep a business running, short term as well as long term. With Billingbooster you have a clear view of all your receivable and payable bills in a given period. It is an important management tool and helps you decide whether more capital should be pumped into the business.

Easy access to business information

The analytical dashboard which is by default your home page on the site gives you all the details about your business that are key to you making decisions. View all the accounts receivable and payables together with inventory management on the same page. Synchronize your client, vendors, suppliers and employee profiles so you have all the information.

Inventory Management

Billingbooster is a well thought of system which allows you to manage your inventory like nothing else! You can enter the products and services that you offer, with no upper limit. When entering the basic details about the products you will have an option to specify the quantity in stock. Every time a purchase or sale is made after this, the quantity is automatically adjusted by the system. You can also manually update any withdrawals, damages or free samples provided as a part of your regular course of business.


Whether you run your business from one room or it is spread across all over the planet, this feature allows you to keep your team connected. All the recent updates, whether about making sales, purchases or downloading reports are available on this platform. This means that there will never be a problem of duplicating of tasks or mis-communication again since Billingbooster will now be a medium to provide business updates to all the key personnel.

What People Said


Into manufacturing of a range of herbal beauty products

I have had issues managing my business after it started scaling. I used to do my own accounts and hence was well versed with the numbers. But since the addition of new product categories I have been in a fix. A lot of times I ended up making wrong decisions because I could no longer keep a track of my market. That is when I found Billingbooster. It has helped me streamline to such an extent that I can barely believe it. I only focus on my products now and sometimes run the operations from home! It is a great support system indeed.


Owner of a writing and content management company

I provide content management services to my client and spend the entire day in front of a computer. But of late it has been difficult to manage invoices and hence several payments have got delayed. This had me in a big fix. A former associate suggested getting on Billingbooster and it has worked out brilliantly for me. My employees, who all have flexible work arrangements are aware of each client and are able to measure deliverables and generate invoices in a flash.


Co-founder of an innovative designs company

By the time I came across Billingbooster I had tried many Business Solutions that promised me the whole world and delivered nothing satisfactorily. What I love about Billingbooster is that at a fantastic price I get exactly what I need. With my invoicing and accounting taken care off I concentrate on the quality of my product. Thank you Billingbooster! I owe you one.


Retailer of FMCG products

I have been using Billingbooster for over a year now and would recommend it to anyone who wants to simplify business processes. The initial set up took me some time but the customer service desk helped me a lot over the phone to understand what is to be done. Since then I have let my employees take over and I keep a watch through the system. It is quite simple actually and has freed up space in my schedule enormously.


Exporter of cottage industry and Khadi products worldwide

My biggest concern was the fact that my employees are all handling different geographical regions. For them to coordinate seamlessly was huge challenge. We have wasted time in creating email templates that the employees would use to inform each other about what was done at their end and eventually either the distribution list would not cover everyone or people would forget to send the email itself. The monitoring was a serious pain. But now we can all login to Billingbooster from our mobile phones and get a status update ASAP. I am proud to say that my company is doing much better business now thanks to Billingbooster.