About Us

All you need to know about our company

Our Story

The story of Billingbooster began in the year 2014, but the truth is that it had been brewing in the mind of our co-founder much longer. Coming from a business background and starting work at a ripe age of 22, the problem of there being a constant struggle by small and medium size business owners was evident. Yes, the market offered solutions, but those either included features that a small or medium size business would find no use for or the cost structures were too heavy. In most cases, it was both.

A product that would help a small business keep track of inventory and accounts, something that could offer a more professional and polished look to the business at an extremely cost effective price was not available anywhere in the world, before Billingbooster.

The aim was to make life easier and reduce the hassle that comes with entrepreneurship. All this with a strict view on the features that were actually useful to the users. An important consideration that Billingbooster emphasizes on is the User Interface (UI). A simple to operate UI helps entrepreneurs make better business decisions by using their data correctly and in a timely manner. All in all, a complete package to keep a track of every aspect of the business, whether it is inventory or employees; clients or writing account; creating analytical reports or sending professional invoices. Billingbooster is designed to do it all for you.

Why the name Billingbooster? How does the system benefit everybody?

The Owo means Business in the African tongue and Sys represents a System. Billingbooster is a complete business system. It has been designed innovatively since the features that are not utilized in other costly products are done away with. The intensive research before and while building the product gave precise views about the problem areas for entrepreneurs and hence a complete business solution could be designed. The best part it is run by an enthusiastic, new generation team; which is not only aware of the latest tech buzz but also keen to bring in a positive change to the way in which business has always been shaped. According to us, managing a business does not have to be a stressful affair.