Bank management

The banking feature of Billingbooster makes life infinitely easier for entrepreneurs. While setting of your account, you can add all the bank account details into the system. While it will not transact in those accounts, it will maintain your books so that they can be tallied with the bank balances at any given time. This reconciliation helps with the identification of outlying entries and save heaps and bounds of money and effort on the entrepreneur's part.

Banking Entries

Ones the account details have been entered then all you need to do is add banking entries in the system through this functionality and ensure that the most updated balances are used to make business decisions.

Undeposited Funds

These are funds that would have been collected through cash sales or miscellaneous incomes that have not been deposited in the bank yet. An entry created here helps you keep a track of what amount should be available to manage daily expenses and tally your petty cash balance.