Contact Management

Manage vendor and client accounts efficiently by entering individual details of the client / vendor. The process is further made simple by the provision of uploading all existing contacts to the system through an excel file.

Key contact persons

Add important phone numbers of people that are your points of contacts at the client or the vendor side. The personalized information storage would mean that you would not miss an opportunity to talk to a key connect ever again.

Creation of accounts

Every contact information that is uploaded either as a client or a vendor can be a party to the sales or purchases that take place in your organisation. This gives you the ability to charge purchases and sales to an account which is stored within the system and to make payments against accounts too. The accounting is made simple through this feature and is more robust because the entries are auto processed and the accounts are credited and debited as suitable when you deal with the client or vendor

Accounts listed on the analytical dashboard

You not only have a database at the tips of your fingers but the analytics section also pulls up your top 5 clients for any given duration based on your activity with them