The dashboard is the first screen that would open when you have logged in and completed your profile. Quick, short and precise reports are available on the dashboard with powerful analysis of your business

Top performers

View the top 5 products, services and customers for any given period on this screen. Know who are among your best interest groups and which products are most popular. Make amends to your strategic policies and product types based on actual sales information.

Reporting platform

It gives you the ability to connect to two or more cash registers to allow centralized reporting and programming to save time and reduce possible errors and shared table and account information Billingbooster provides a cohesive platform that meets all reporting, document generation and data solution needs with customized template capabilities. On the dashboard you will see a graph which will compare the sales versus purchases in the time frame. The receivables and payables are hence abundantly clear as soon as you log in. You will also see, in numbers the sales orders, sales, purchases, receivables and payables. Additionally the system will give you a list of your most favourite aspect of the business, which is the list of the sales orders.

Business analysis

Equipped with analytical tools and the aforementioned data, Billingbooster gives an insight into the business processes and helps in identifying new business opportunities. The dashboard view provides all of the important reporting aspects to the entrepreneur which includes pending payment and receivables, sales orders and even a view of the inventory holding. Powerful data mining and preset features help with full search-and- sort function to identify outliers and suspicious transactions.