Inventory management

Having broken and various channels of buying stock can make this activity very cumbersome. But the easy to use Billingbooster software makes inventory management a completely painless virtue.

One time updation of product details

Update the products that you deal with as a set up activity and provide how the inventory should be measured. At the time of set up you will also be asked to update the number of each product available which becomes your opening stock. Post this, every invoice created will automatically subtract or add the quantity to that product category. You can manually update a change because of owner withdrawing stock or giving out free samples to show a change in the inventory level other than by buying / selling or producing the same.

Streamline the management process for inventory

Track your inventory in real-time, rather than seeing numbers that are updated hourly or daily. Streamlining inventory with automated orders and invoicing. This includes seeing which items are on-hand, in-transit and on-order. This gives you the ability to manage stock from multiple vendors at any time in the system and keeps track of dead stock and notifies the user.

Stock details

For every product uploaded when setting the account, an opening stock is recorded. This then fluctuates and creates a problem in managing inventory. But the stock detail functionality under the Inventory Management system gives you a one view glance of the stock available for every product. Export this data into excel for further analysis. Keep periodic excel spreadsheet to compare and optimize inventory management.

New Inventory Entry

Change the stock levels by manually updating an inventory entry. This is an efficient way of recording samples provided, damaged good that cannot be replace and change in the inventory level without actual sales taking place.


This function in inventory management shows that the stock has been withdrawn either for own use of the entrepreneur or for gifting to business or personal associates.

Receiving and delivery notes

These notes can be manually added to ensure that the stock level is adjusted without actual sales or purchase transactions taking place. It is an effective tool to handle sample stock received or provided between prospective vendors and clients.