Individual profiles and log in control

The personalization that Billingbooster offers is beyond compare. After a one time set-up the management of your business details can be done in minutes. Create a profile of your company through the settings section by updating the basic details of the company. Add a coloured company logo which is used by the software when creating invoices.

Controlling the site and hence business

Create login IDs for your employees and decide if they should get the administrative rights to the software. People with administrative rights can control the “settings” section of the software and update the business details even if the owner is not around. This helps with interaction within the team because all the updates are available to every login ID created. The owner can also keep better tabs on the business, whether in office or outside.

Multi user/ collaboration

The system at the time of creation of a business will give out an individual login. But that login can create multiple log-ins to ensure that there is use collaboration and gainful sharing of the date. The right to have an administrative access will decide whether an employee will be able to amend settings but beyond that, the employee will be able to see just as much detail about transactions that others on board can. This can help you keep a track of how much sales can be apportioned to each employee, making the commission based sales very simple or take advantage of the system to understand the engagement levels of each employee. No matter how you choose to use this functionality, it will increase the trust between the users by reducing the communication time and increasing the transparency of the decision making.