Purchase management

Simplified purchase order creation is managed through Billingbooster. It provides a real time order creation system. Displays updated inventory availability and generates invoice on a single click. Notifies user according to the order's status.

Purchase Order

Create purchase orders for when you have made purchases on behalf of your business. Although it is an integral part of the business, purchase orders are not given as much importance as the sales order. Billingbooster identifies this gap and fulfills it through an easy to use and create system for the management of the purchase orders. The relevant inventory numbers will automatically get updated based on the orders created.

Purchase Invoice

The invoices of the payments can help you keep a track of the payments and help you balance the cash flows accordingly. Just like you like to keep a track and receive the payments on time, you can track your payment and be punctual about making them. This functionality will help your business become a preferred partner for vendors.

Purchase Return

In an event that you have created a purchase order and invoice but are not satisfied with the product and want to return it, this slip can be created. This is an adjusting mechanism to ensure that the inventory shown is always the most relevant number.