The reports that are available on the site range from the P&L statement to the balance sheet. You can run an income or expense statement and check the balance receivables as well as payable all in one go. The Dashboard that comes on as soon as you log in will give you reports of the top 5 products, customers and vendors in that duration. The reporting features have been designed to provide you the reports in such a manner than an exception is identified sooner and in a simpler manner.

Sales Reports

Generate date wise, daily, monthly, order wise and utility reports any time that you need to see them. Monitor the performance of your company within minutes now and without having to rely on anyone else for the data to do the same.

Purchase Reports

Similar to sales, a date wise, daily, monthly or a utilities report can be generated for all the purchase transactions done.

Statement of Accounts

Billingbooster allows you to see the Statement of your Accounts from the perspective of your customers or your vendors. In both spaces you can input a date range and draw up analytical charts providing you with every details that you need.