Sales management

Billingbooster ensures that the sales process for you is among the simplest things to administer. This means that you can simplify sales orders. Billingbooster provides simplified and real time order creation. Displays updated inventory availability and generates invoice on a single click. Notifies user according to the order's status.

Sales Quotes

Sending a quote would have never been easier. Create one while talking with your customer and send it out as soon as possible. Ensure a professional approach to the sales process and provide an honest, complete and professional quote through the use of Billingbooster. Not the one creating quotes? Then keep a track of which employees are sending the quotes and manage your pricing system in one go.

Sales Order

This page starts with a summary of the total sales, the amount that is received and the amount that is due. Understand exactly when you have to start following up for a payment and ensure that everything due to your business is properly accounted for. The export to excel functionality is available on this option as well.

Sales Invoices

Every time a quote is accepted and the business transaction is completed from your end, you can create an invoice on the system. A professional and prompt invoice will ensure that you are never struggling to get payments, ever again.

Sales Return

In a rare case that the transaction has not been completed by the client or the product has been returned to you, you can generate a sales return slip. This ensures that the relevant accounting entries and the inventory management, both stay on track and as updated as ever.

Paid by cash

No problem at all! When the product or service is paid by cash and the invoice is made to cash then the relevant accounting entries show that much balance in the cash account which the system will prompt you to move to the bank account. You can change the balances when the money has been deposited or use the same to cover expenses. The system bends the way that your business does.

Account receivables

When your customers take stock on credit then the system creates a credit balance against their names which can be manually changed by you when you receive the payment. Accordingly the cash or the bank balance will change too.